Life at the Beach

My daily life is my “life at the beach.”  Vacations are enjoyable, but my daily life of work, time with my kids, time with my partner, and pursuing my interests is frankly more rewarding and thrilling than any vacation.

Yesterday I worked in the sun at the pool-side, spending time developing articles and moving cases toward settlement in between dips in the pool.  I felt joyful, peaceful, and powerful.  My partner studied Ayurveda and designed yoga routines next to me, then switched to preparing for the next day’s discovery meetings with several personal injury clients.  As the sun moved through the sky, we turned our pool-chairs to face the lake and continued learning, creating, and making money for clients.  Through the entire afternoon I stayed dialed in to joy, peace, and power.


My experiences of joy, peace, and power were not caused by the pool or the sun or the lake or my beautiful partner.  Those states were not caused by learning or writing or settling cases.  I could have been anywhere and felt the same states of joy, peace, and power.

Those states were intentional choices made upon waking yesterday morning.  I felt joy because I chose to feel joy.  I felt peace because I chose to feel peace.  I felt powerful because I freaking chose to feel powerful.  And I chose those states because I determined that those particular states would serve me best in my unfolding day.

Just as I chose and choose similar states today.

Life’s a continual beach, and it is a continual beach because of a daily practice of envisioning, creating, and sustaining optimal life here and now.  Optimal life and experience is not caused by traveling somewhere else and doing something out of the ordinary.  Nor is it a reward somewhere out there or down the road at retirement (whatever that is).

Optimal life can be manifested every single day.  Optimal life flows from designing, choosing, and cultivating all the joy, excitement, compassion, and any other love-based states we want, and then envisioning outcomes and taking action each day in alignment with those states.

We don’t have to travel to beaches or go on cruises to find joy and excitement because joy and excitement and all other love-based emotions and states are immediately accessible to us here and now.  Power and love and ecstasy and happiness are always and already within us.  We just need to practice tuning ourselves in and working to cultivate and sustain those states.

When we live daily life in our optimal states, then every situation becomes transformed.  Anywhere becomes our mountain lake.  Or our walk in the forest.  Or voyage at sea.  Or life at the beach.